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Accessories and Locating

Detectable Marking Tape

Our Tape is used for detecting, locating, identifying, and protecting buried lines for gas, water and sewer.
Our Detectable tape works 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year

Non Detectable Tape

Our non-detectable underground marking tape identifies and protects buried utility lines. Non-Detectable Tape is a “STOP SIGN” to prevent accidents.

Barricade Tape

Our barricade tapes are for marking off dangerous areas. Barricade tapes are made of safety yellow or danger red polyethylene.

Marking Paint

Our marking Paint uses a special, high-solids formulation for bold, bright, visible markings on virtually any surface – gravel, asphalt, soil, grass, stone, concrete, and many more.

Marking Flags

Our high-quality, plain and printed marking flags are ideal for above ground marking in a variety of industries, our flags ensure constant communication and long lasting visibility for your project.

Utility Marker Post

Reduce your exposure to accidental dig-ins and service interruptions. Flexible fiberglass reinforced composite markers protects your valuable underground investment by clearly and quickly identifying pipelines, valves and other underground utilities. Available in a variety of colors and sizes to meet your requirements. Custom or standard warning message, reflective sheeting or lettering and numbering are also available.

Whisker Markers

Our 6″ Marking Whiskers are an alternative marking choice for survey and construction sites, underground utility locating and many other uses. Virtually indestructible, these APWA color-coded Marking Whiskers spring back up when run over by lawn mowers, graders and heavy equipment. They are easily and conveniently attached to wood stakes or to 60-penny nails. Use them alone or in conjunction with other marking products.