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Flow Control & Cleaning

Maple Agencies offers a wide variety of ways control the flow of water and waste water through pipes and multiple ways to clean new and old water and waste water pipes. As part of our offering we also offer De-Chlorination and Chlorination products as well. Our products range from Swabs to over twelve kinds of Pigs for cleaning.

We also offer many types of flow restrictors and Rain stoppers. We only offer the best products at the best price. Our Rain Stopper products stop the flow of rainwater into sewage systems, they control Manhole odors and they keep dirt out our sewage systems. Our restrictors prevent sewer overload and basement flooding by reducing the rate of storm water discharge into the sewage system. This saves municipalities countless of dollars and helps maintain a healthy and vibrant water and waste water system.
Our cleaning products range from 2 inches right up to 48 inch pigs. We also do custom sizes. We offer all kinds of technologies ranging from Carbide pigs to steel pigs. We also offer pigging related products like Launchers, receivers, closures, pig detectors, Pig trackers and pingers as well as intelligent pig services.
Please contact us with any questions you have about cleaning or control rain water into your water and waste water systems.