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Protecto Caps and Collars

No matter the size of your job or how corrosive the conditions Protecto Caps and Collars will increase the life expectancy of your iron fittings by a factor of 1.65. Protecto Caps and Collars have been used in every major jurisdiction in North America for almost 30 years; they have a long successful history of protecting our municipal water systems. We proudly invented them in the early 80’s and they are still used widely today throughout North America.
The University of Toronto Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry
“Zinc Caps confer excellent cathodic protection to iron mechanical joint fittings and gland ring assemblies.”
“Increasing the number of Zinc Caps…. Increases the degree of protection conferred to the Iron”.
“Increasing the number of Zinc Caps used, greatly increases the length of protection.”
” Stainless steel nuts and bolts should be avoided for use with Iron assemblies, since such nuts and bolts will accelerate the rate of attack of the iron assemblies, especially at the flange areas in the vicinity of the stainless steel components.”
Collars are most often used for Service Rods, Service Boxes and Hydrants. Failure due to corrosion of domestic water services generally has been located in two separate areas; Steel box’s and main and or curb stops. This is overcome by placing a collar above the top of the cast base of the water Box. The collar protects both the thin wall tube and the cast base. By placing a collar on the copper service tube close to the main stop and curb stop the problems of imbalance of materials and it prevents depletions by stray electrical currents.

Protecto Caps and Collars should be a part of every Copper water installation.

How long will Protecto Caps and Collars Last

Soil Resistivity 0hm-Cm

2 Caps

6 Caps

12 Caps

Very Corrosive – 1,000

5 years

20 years

35 years


7 years

30 years

50 years


10 years

40 years

65 years


12 years

55 years

90 years


16 years

70 years

110 years


20 years

85 years

140 years

Passive 7,000

25 years

95 years

165 years