Cap it, Wrap it,Bury it

and Forget it!


Maple Agencies sells a wide variety of electrical wire to the Water and Waste Water industry. We take great pride in only selling the best tracer wire at the best price. Tracer wire has become a commodity and because we have the largest purchasing power we always have the best price. If you ever find a better price just let us know and we will happily offer the best price in the industry. Our wire has one common purpose; to detect, locate, identify all underground utility structures from accidents.

Regular Tracer Wire (TWU)

Used for open wiring where exposed to the weather and for service entrance below ground. TWU is approved for direct burial. This is the most common form of tracer wire in the Water and Waste Water industry. The reason for this is TWU can also be used to send power to run equipment further down the line.

Copper Clad Tracer Wire

Applications: For location of buried pipes and fibre optic cables where high strength, flexibility, and direct burial is required.
Copper clad steel is lighter, stronger, costs less, and due to little or no scrap value has a lower theft threat than copper, yet retains the same signal capacity.
Copper Clad is often used to save money, however, it is often not used because you cannot send electricity down the line to power equipment. It is strictly used for tracing pipe.

Drill Wire

Tracer wire is installed in directional boring, plow-in, or open-trench applications. Designed for directional boring, plow-in, or open trench digging.

Water Meter Wire

For Interconnecting of public utility equipment. Often used as a communication wire between outdoor equipment.